Category: Resident Stories

  • Meet Franchesca

    Meet Franchesca

    Such a bright light radiates from deep within Franchesca, a 15-year-old resident at Hogar Immanuel, Dominican Republic.

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  • Meet Irene

    Meet Irene

    Active and inquisitive, Irene can be found playing kickball with her friends or finding the perfect hiding spot in a round of hide-and-go-seek.

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  • Meet Kereisa

    Meet Kereisa

    When she came to MSC, Kereisa couldn’t walk… now, she can!

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  • Meet Marcus

    Meet Marcus

    As an artisan at the Mustard Seed Ceramics Studio, Marcus’ craftsmanship contributes to sustainable income for the entire MSC community. 

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  • Meet Jerdene

    Meet Jerdene

    Jerdene’s personality shines throughout the activities she enjoys with her best friends.

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  • Meet Francis

    Meet Francis

    Meet Francis, a bouncing ball of energy at Hogar Immanuel.

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  • Meet Christopher

    Meet Christopher

    Make sure to introduce yourself to Christopher if you’re at Blessed Assurance.

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  • Meet Serena

    Meet Serena

    We are excited to watch Serena grow and see what she achieves!

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  • Meet Kimoya

    Meet Kimoya

    Every day is a new day filled with possibilities for Kimoya.

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  • Meet Mia

    Meet Mia

    Mia is a happy child who loves being talked to, holding hands, and listening to music. 

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