Meet Claude

Meet Claude, a beloved resident of Jerusalem! in Spanish Town, Jamaica. Despite facing significant challenges due to spina bifida, Claude’s infectious smile and sweet soul have endeared him to his fellow residents, mission volunteers, and caregivers.

Upon arrival at Mustard Seed Communities, Claude’s limited mobility confined him to a reclined position. However, dedicated volunteers have been crafting customized wheelchairs for residents like Claude since 2012. These wheelchairs, a testament to the compassionate care provided at MSC, have played a pivotal role in helping Claude reclaim his independence.

Claude has received several customized wheelchairs, each surpassing the previous one in functionality. The latest wheelchair, equipped with a hand control designed specifically for him, has granted Claude newfound agency. Now, he can comfortably participate in activities, play games, and join friends for dinner, expanding the horizons of his world.

“Every day, I get up and I say ‘Thank you, Jesus,’ for a new day…a new life,” Claude shares. With his profound ability to find meaning in everyday life, Claude believes that we are all “here for a purpose.”

Mustard Seed Communities’ commitment to evaluating residents’ needs is exemplified in Claude’s inspiring journey. The work of caregivers and mission volunteers is priceless as they give their expertise and compassion so freely. His progress serves as a reminder of the profound impact that individualized and compassionate care can have, creating a community where each person can achieve the highest levels of health and well-being.