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Sustainable Agriculture

Avocados harvested from Hogar Belen Diriamba.

Christ in the Garbage Ministries

Christ in the Garbage Ministries sign.

The Christ in the Garbage Ministries (CIGM) program originated in response to the dire conditions faced by communities relying on the La Chureca landfill near our homes in Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. Although La Chureca no longer exists, MSC continues the core of CIGM’s mission by delivering food packages to areas in urgent need.

CIGM Nicaragua also empowers women with marketable skills, aiming to break the cycle of poverty. The program started with a sewing center in 2006, evolving into today’s Resource Center (Centro de Recursos). This comprehensive initiative offers classes in pastry-making, crochet, monthly spiritual reflection, and provides childcare during classes.

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Mustard Seed Communities- Dom. Rep.

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