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45 Years of MSC

Celebrating 45 Years of Mustard Seed Communities

September 26, 2023
Since 1978, what started with the least became a family of the most—overflowing with care and love.
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Stephanie meets Crystal at Sophie's Place

Transformed by Extraordinary Love: A Volunteer's Reflection

September 8, 2023
Stephanie Larson discusses how MSC transforms the lives of everyone involved.
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Meet the Dressmans, matching donors

"Visit" MSC Africa with the Dressmans

August 31, 2023
Our matching donors for nutrition programs this Giving Day immersed themselves in the MSC Zimbabwe community.
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A resident and caregiver laugh together

Three Ways MSC Ensures Children Won’t Be Abandoned Twice

July 20, 2023
When children with disabilities are abandoned, MSC steps in to become a family who will never let them be abandoned again.
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Mining Hope: How Feeding Hungry Children in a Garbage Dump can Change the World

July 20, 2023
We provide a hot meal to over 340 children and new moms …every single day.
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Keemo Birthwright grew up with Dare to Care and now works for MSC.

Residents Living with HIV Learn Skills to Grow and Thrive in Dare to Care

June 29, 2023
Dare to Care prolongs the lives of children with HIV while also enriching those lives with love and the skills they need to thrive.
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A farmer at MSC Zimbabwe holds an egg in a chicken coop.

Powering the Good: Sustainability through Farming and Solar Power

June 29, 2023
Our care for our human family and for the earth serve in tandem to bring wellsprings of life to the places that need it most.
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Volunteer Rashell smiles with Francis

"Enjoy Every Single Moment" with Volunteer Rashell Mezquia

May 18, 2023
This Q&A with Regis College mission team member Rashell Mezquia covers self-fulfillment and making meaningful connections.
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