Support a Mission

Supporting our mission volunteers is an opportunity to empower impactful change in the lives of both our volunteers and the residents they serve. Each year, over 90 mission teams embark on journeys of compassion to serve the most vulnerable at Mustard Seed Communities, responsible for raising funds to sustain their travel and the mission volunteer program. As they step beyond their comfort zones, they not only contribute to the well-being of forgotten individuals with disabilities but also undergo personal growth and spiritual enrichment. Your donation to a team or volunteer enables transformative interactions that extend far beyond the duration of their trip, leaving an enduring impact on all involved. Thank you for becoming a vital part of this life-changing mission journey.

Step 1: Select the “Search for a Volunteer” button below

Step 2: Select either “search for a participant” or “search for a team”
Step 3: Search for the individual volunteer or team name
Step 4: Select the individual or team you will support (please contact our office at if you don’t see your correct result)
Step 5: Select the “Donate Now” button on the page

We offer diverse opportunities for individuals from schools, churches, medical backgrounds, building teams, and family and friend groups to contribute their skills and support, ensuring inclusion for all who wish to participate.