Category: Resident Stories

  • Meet Dominique

    Meet Dominique

    Known for his smile and love of attention, Dominique is a joy to our family.

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  • Meet Crystal

    Meet Crystal

    In the sanctuary of Sophie’s Place, where love abounds and faith guides every step, Crystal’s story becomes a testament to resilience.

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  • Meet Claude

    Meet Claude

    With his profound ability to find meaning in everyday life, Claude believes that we are all “here for a purpose.”

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  • Meet Chrisagaye

    Meet Chrisagaye

    Chrisagaye’s story is one of perseverance, dedication, and hard work. She is hearing impaired and communicates with sign language, all the while making a positive impact.

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  • Meet Anabel

    Meet Anabel

    Within the nurturing embrace of Mustard Seed Communities, Anabel’s world is painted with smiles and newfound resilience.

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  • Meet Erica

    Meet Erica

    “[At Jacob’s Ladder,] I get to be independent and earn something on my own! It’s a great experience,” said Erica.

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  • Meet Jermaine

    Meet Jermaine

    Hear Jermaine sing and tell us what he loves about Mustard Seed in his own words…

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  • Meet Paige

    Meet Paige

    Paige walks and talks like she just won first place, no matter the situation!

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  • Meet Mthokozisi

    Meet Mthokozisi

    For as much as we’ve provided care for Mthokozisi’s physical and socio-emotional needs, he has blessed us tremendously in return with his unbridled zest for life.

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  • Meet Franchesca

    Meet Franchesca

    Such a bright light radiates from deep within Franchesca, a 15-year-old resident at Hogar Immanuel, Dominican Republic.

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