Sustainable Agriculture

On our on-site farms, we raise and grow:


2,040 eggs are produced on our farms daily to provide essential nutrients.


1,000 lbs of fish are harvested from our two tilapia ponds every year.


Honey collected from our bee hives flavors food and is sold worldwide.


A variety of life-giving produce is harvested from our farms and served to the residents.

In the Dominican Republic, a second apostolate named Hogar Niños de Dios is currently under construction, incorporating a farming initiative into its design. Recognizing the growing demand for food across the countries we serve, cultivating food and offsetting operational expenses through its profits aligns with Mustard Seed Communities’ strategic approach.

In Zimbabwe, our on-site farm and bakery generate 100 eggs and 60 loaves of bread daily, catering to both the residents and supporting various MSC nutrition programs that benefit the broader community.

Our overarching goal is to foster self-sufficiency and sustainability at each farming location, empowering local communities to thrive. As these projects flourish, surplus crops and livestock are sold to neighboring communities, providing a source of income. The profits generated contribute to defraying our general operating costs, with a significant focus on addressing the growing need for food.

In Jamaica and Nicaragua, we foster a sense of individual responsibility among our older residents at Jacob’s Ladder, Jerusalem!, and Hogar Belen Diriamba. Encouraging them to contribute to their communities through farming, this initiative aims to impart valuable skills for everyday living.