Meet Paige

For over two years, Blessed Assurance has been a safe haven of care and opportunity for Paige. 

Since she first arrived at MSC at age 14, Paige has amazed her friends and caregivers with her vivacious personality. Her superpower is socializing and meeting new people, and she uses this talent to bring joy and laughter to everyone she meets.

Paige proudly demonstrates her dancing skills to a mission team.

Caregivers at Blessed Assurance proudly attest that Paige, who has Down syndrome, has focused on her organization and communication skills so that she can better express herself and become an advocate for others. She is well attuned to the needs of others, oftentimes providing thorough reports to the caregivers about the residents’ day and even offering her assistance in feeding and supervising those who need extra care. 

Paige’s journey at Mustard Seed Communities has unleashed a floodgate of confidence within her. Because she feels safe and is empowered to be herself, her kind spirit is extraordinary to behold. As a student at Blessed Assurance’s in-house school, Paige is a top performer and reaches milestones in her ability to speak. 

For one mission volunteer who visited Blessed Assurance from Colorado, Paige was an inspiration – she inspired this volunteer to have more confidence and explore her own passions back home. “I was profoundly touched by Paige,” shared the volunteer, “she walks and talks like she just won first place, no matter the situation!”

I was profoundly touched by Paige. She walks and talks like she just won first place, no matter the situation!

The MSC Family is so blessed to include Paige: her bubbly personality, unabashed flair, and compassion for others shine brightly at Blessed Assurance.