Meet Jermaine

Jermaine has continued to astound his caregivers at My Father’s House with his monumental growth—both physically and mentally. When he first arrived at Mustard Seed Communities’ home for children with disabilities in Jamaica, Jermaine had little hope to speak of. Abandoned as a toddler, Jermaine began his journey at Mustard Seed eating through a feeding tube. He was unable to speak and he lacked the motor skills to move around.

After five years of medical care, physical therapy, social-emotional integration, and education, Jermaine is thriving! He now eats solid food on his own and speaks fluently with self-awareness.

Jermaine then and now: 2019 to befriending a mission volunteer in 2023.

He attends Mustard Seed’s Little Angels Learning Center where he can sing, play, paint, learn to write, and make friends. Recently, Jermaine participated in a spelling bee with his classmates. Darcy Williams, Executive Director of Mustard Seed Communities Jamaica, shared, “It was such a delight to see Jermaine up on the stage with the other children during the spelling bee. He was smiling and trying his best to spell words! When we recalled that no one ever thought we would talk, we were so proud of him.”

Jermaine eagerly raises his hand to participate in a group activity at Little Angels Learning Center. 

Jermaine will continue to be empowered at Little Angels and will eventually go on to attend district schools to further his education. The therapy, nourishment, and love Jermaine receives from Mustard Seed caregivers will remain central to his success: we look forward to watching Jermaine soar even higher!

Hear Jermaine sing and tell us what he loves about Mustard Seed in his own words: