1980: Msgr. Gregory Ramkissoon describes his vision for a caring shelter for the most vulnerable in Jamaica.


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Embark on a transformative journey as a mission volunteer, making a direct impact on the lives of the most vulnerable in Jamaica.

Mustard Seed Communities, guided by our commitment to care for the most vulnerable, established the Little Angels Learning Center to create a standout school system. Officially recognized by the Ministry of Education on September 2, 2002, Little Angels provides top-notch education not only to our residents but also to children from local communities. Managed by the Ministry of Education, our curriculum includes religion, music, Spanish, Computer Studies, and Physical Education, fostering the holistic development of our students’ mental, physical, and spiritual selves. With regular field trips, exposure to cultural heritage, and a strong focus on spirituality, Little Angels exemplifies our dedication to true education, echoing Proverbs 2:6: “True education is that imparted by Him with whom is wisdom and strength.”

Mustard Seed Communities prioritizes nutrition across all our communities, recognizing its vital role in the well-being of those we serve. In Jamaica, the Little Angels preschools incorporate nutrition as a cornerstone, offering students two nutritious meals daily. This commitment to proper nutrition extends to our residents, including children and adults with disabilities, where the right food and medicines contribute significantly to their improved quality of life.

We are committed to achieving self-sufficiency and sustainability across all our programs. Our key sites for agricultural projects, Jerusalem! and Jacob’s Ladder, play a vital role in this mission. The farm at Jerusalem! not only serves as a therapeutic space for residents but also generates income. With fish ponds, egg-producing chickens, a vegetable garden, and a flock of sheep, the farm addresses in-house protein needs and contributes to the community’s income through surplus sales.

Jacob’s Ladder, blessed with ample open land, boasts a flourishing agricultural expansion with over 40 pigs and multiple greenhouses. Recent enhancements, including a completed water catchment system, ensure a reliable water supply. These initiatives not only meet the present needs of residents but align with our long-term vision of Jacob’s Ladder as a lifelong home for over 400 adults with disabilities.

At Mustard Seed Communities, our commitment extends beyond the care of our children to uplifting vulnerable and marginalized communities. In Jamaica, we actively engage in various outreach programs, including the Christmas Treat initiative aimed at alleviating poverty. Additionally, our efforts include training programs like the Pottery Shop & Apprentice program at Mahoe Drive, contributing to skill development and empowerment.

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