Meet Anabel

Meet Anabel, a remarkable soul whose journey from a challenging past to a promising future embodies the transformative power of Mustard Seed Communities’  love and care.

At the age of eight, Anabel arrived at Mustard Seed Communities, her voice silenced by life’s hardships. Raised in a makeshift shelter outside a dusty concrete factory, her father struggled to provide care in the face of adversity.

In 2017, Anabel’s life took a pivotal turn as she found refuge and love at Mustard Seed Communities, leaving behind the concrete factory that defined her early years.

Today, within the nurturing embrace of Mustard Seed Communities, Anabel’s world is painted with smiles and newfound resilience. Despite facing physical challenges, she radiates joy and love, eagerly embracing every opportunity to sing and laugh. Anabel’s heart is deeply moved by the love she receives from her caregivers, responding joyfully with her beautiful voice—a testament to her transformation from silence to expression.

In the present, Anabel finds immense joy in playing games with friends and caregivers, embodying the transformation from silence to smiles. Her journey showcases the incredible impact of the support she receives.

Anabel’s story is a beacon of hope, illustrating the profound difference made in the lives of children with disabilities who have found a loving home at Mustard Seed Communities.