Mountain Movers

When you commit to give to Mustard Seed Communities every month, you join hands with other Mountain Movers—our valued society of monthly miracle-makers . Your seeds of faith have the power to create lasting change for thousands of the most vulnerable members of society around the world.

..if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” – Matthew 17:20

When you take action to care for the most vulnerable with a monthly gift, you join our community of Mountain Movers — compassionate and engaged people who make the impossible possible.

Mountain Movers Make These Lives Possible

Once without a home, food, or hope, individuals with disabilities who were once abandoned are now living miracles. Mountain Movers ensure residents like Dominique, Kahalia, Anabel, Mwoyo, Jerry, and Joan will continue to wake up every morning knowing that their physical, educational, spiritual, and emotional needs will be met.



When he was two, Dominique was dropped off at a Mustard Seed Communities home in Mandeville, Jamaica. The person who left him there said, “If you don’t take him, I’ll be forced to leave him on the streets.” Here, at Gift of Hope, Dominique has a lifelong, loving home.



Abandoned at the hospital because of her unique and intensive medical conditions, Kahalia spent two years living without hope. At Blessed Assurance in Montego Bay, Jamaica, she is tenderly cared for by skilled medical professionals.



Found living in the rubble of a cement factory, Anabel now knows she has a forever, safe home. At Hogar Immanuel in the Dominican Republic, she can play and laugh as she participates in engaging activities each day.



Every day, children like Mwoyo* walk to one of Mustard Seed Communities’ nutrition programs in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Over 1,200 children — many who live in a garbage dump — receive a hot, nourishing meal each and every day.
* name changed to protect the vulnerable



Rooted in our Catholic faith, we live out our mission to spread the healing love of Jesus Christ. From the smallest child to adults like Jerry, each person at Mustard Seed Communities in all of our locations has a place to live out their spirituality in a meaningful way.



Without alternative adult homes, individuals with disabilities like Joan, would be forced to fend for themselves. At Mustard Seed Communities, we have made a covenant with each person under our care that we will not abandon them again. That means, we promise to take care of Joan — and hundreds of other remarkable individuals living at Jacob’s Ladder in Moneague, Jamaica (and all our other homes!) —for life.

Your monthly gift will be used to:

Provide Loving Homes

Over 600 children and adults with disabilities who were abandoned find shelter with us.

You enable us to pay for caregivers, beds, laundering, property maintenance, and security.

Give Medical Care

Many of the individuals we care for require intensive medical care and physical therapy.

You help purchase medication, services from skilled practitioners, and wellness supplies.

Feed Hungry Children

We nourish residents and also feed over 1,200 children a day in Zimbabwe.

You equip us to purchase life-giving food for thousands of individuals around the world.

Empower Lasting Change

We teach communities how to step into their agency to create an impact.

You embolden marginalized communities through education, farming, and sustainable living.

When you join Mountain Movers, you come alongside a society of people who have been making a difference in the lives of individuals with disabilities, children affected by HIV, teen moms in crisis, and undernourished families around the world. Together, these members have contributed to such monumental achievements (moving mountains!) as: building a new home for 56 more children in Santiago, DR; opening a new nutrition site in Bulawayo to feed an additional 300 children; and embarking on a sustainability project to establish solar-powered hot water for residents in Jamaica.

Questions? Here are some answers about what it means to be a Mountain Mover for the most vulnerable.