Meet Dominique

In April 2019, a woman approached the gates of Gift of Hope with a baby in her arms. “I came to see you,” she told Ann-Marie Parker-Dale, Administrator of the apostolate. 

The woman explained that she had been abandoned by her support network, left alone with a baby and an extreme lack of resources to care for herself and her child. Moreover, the 20-month-old baby had cerebral palsy and required medical care that was simply out of reach. 

“If you don’t take him, I’ll have no other option but to leave him in the street,” the woman continued. So, Ann-Marie welcomed the baby, Dominique, home.

Left: Dominique smiles in 2020. Right: Dominique smiles in 2023.

During his adjustment to Gift of Hope, Dominique recovered from the malnutrition and dehydration from which he was suffering. With healthy food and medical care for his cerebral palsy, Dominique transformed into a strong young boy.

Today, at seven years old, Dominique is cherished by caregivers and friends at Gift of Hope. His caregivers describe him with humor in their eyes, saying he adores attention and “loves loving.” From his place in his wheelchair, Dominique shares a smile that dominates his face and makes his wide brown eyes glow with joy.

Dominique shares a special bond with Miss Richards, a Gift of Hope caregiver.

Dominique truly found his home at Gift of Hope. “Once a child comes through the gates [of Gift of Hope,]” Ann-Marie shares, “they won’t have to go back to the abandonment they came from — this is their home.”