Meet Mthokozisi

At age 22, Mthokozisi is the oldest resident at Joel’s Place, Mustard Seed Communities’ home for children and adults with disabilities in Zimbabwe. For nearly 16 years, Mthokozisi has been a vital part of our growing family in Africa. His dynamic personality — his jubilant smile and magnetic joy — is evidence of just how secure and cared for he feels at Mustard Seed! 

As a young adult living with cerebral palsy and stunted growth, Mthokozisi’s mobility is limited; however, he overcomes challenges with grit and a positive attitude. Though he is unable to walk on his own, any chance he can get, he chooses to dance! Church services are a particularly enjoyable experience for Mthokozisi: he sings loudly and moves to the drum beat.  

Caregivers describe Mthokozisi as “a very cheerful person who is always happy,” adding, “and boy, does he love attention!” He enjoys playing with toys and perusing through picture books. He is a good listener; in particular, he loves listening to good stories around the dinner table or at bedtime. 

Mthokozisi’s undeniable flair for fashion consistently brings a smile to the faces of his caregivers and fellow residents. He gets excited when he tries on new clothes and can choose a wardrobe worthy of his giant-sized personality (note the trendy leather coat he’s sporting!).

Mthokozisi is a treasured member of our community at Mustard Seed Communities. For as much as we’ve provided care for his physical and socio-emotional needs, he has blessed us tremendously in return with his unbridled zest for life.