At Mustard Seed Communities, spirituality stands as a cornerstone, permeating the lives of residents, staff, and volunteers alike. Our Catholic faith is a guiding force that intricately weaves through every aspect of our activities. This spiritual foundation, as symbolized in our logo, not only nurtures the well-being of individuals but also serves as a compass, directing the development and ensuring the enduring vitality of our organization. It is in this shared spirituality that Mustard Seed Communities finds strength, purpose, and a profound connection that transcends every endeavor we undertake.

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The Formation Center and Program promotes spiritual vocations and trains future Missionarii Grani Sinatis (MGS) priests, deacons, and sisters to serve MSC throughout the many apostolates and programs across the world.

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The Mustard Seed Missionaries Movement is an international community of individuals who seek the opportunity to grow closer to God through personal prayer and service to the most vulnerable in a community of others seeking common goals.

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Mission volunteers at Mustard Seed Communities embark on a unique journey, where their service not only transforms lives but also provides a special opportunity for profound spiritual experiences and personal growth.

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