Meet Brailin

Brailin radiates pure happiness and fills his home at Hogar Immanuel in Dominican Republic with his joy.

Brailin has Down syndrome and has lived at MSC for the past 14 years. Caregivers and mission volunteers have enjoyed watching him grow into the vibrant young man he is today.

Brailin, age one, eagerly shares his smile.
Brailin turns 15, showing off that same big smile. 

At 15 years old, Brailin is not shy to showcase his many talents, from dancing, to skillfully playing musical instruments like the guitar, drums, and flute. His joy is infectious: he loves adventures with Baby Love and Irene to the beach and city center. “Brailin shines as a star of the home,” caregivers of Hogar Immanuel share.

Brailin, Renalson, Irene, and Baby Love pick up instruments and sing a song together in a joyous band! Brailin enjoys playing the acoustic guitar.

In school, Brailin’s love for learning helps him excel in mastering vowels, numbers, and colors. His curiosity and eagerness to explore new things serve his bright mind and enthusiastic spirit. Always ready to lend a hand, he assists therapists and caregivers in supporting other residents in class, demonstrating a heart full of compassion and a spirit of generosity.

“The staff in Hogar Immanuel give Brailin a warm and loving home and family where he has become an older brother to all the other kids there,” Raul and Susy Alfonso, mission volunteers who have supported Brailin through MSC’s sponsorship program, share. “Over our 12 years of running mission trips, we have seen him grow into a loving, caring young man who is happier than ever. One of our highlights of this year is arriving at Hogar Immanuel and having Brailin run up and give us a super big hug!”

Raul Alfonso, a mission volunteer with his wife Susy for over a decade, developed close bonds with the residents of Hogar Immanuel. Raul grew along with Brailin!

Brailin’s interests are as varied as they are vibrant. He loves playing with blocks, dolls, and drawing – his creativity knows no bounds! In everything he does, Brailin embodies an empowered, happy, and incredibly smart individual whose loving nature leaves a lasting impression on everyone he meets.

Brailin’s joyful story, and the stories of his fellow residents at Hogar Immanuel, are waiting for you! Join Raul and Susy Alfonso in MSC’s Dominican Republic sponsorship program – commit to making a long-term positive impact in the life of a child or adult with disabilities by joining today.