Meet Serena

Two-year-old Serena arrived at Mustard Seed Communities’ Gift of Hope in Jamaica weighing a “chicken weight” — only four pounds. Her condition was dire. She was severely malnourished and wasn’t able to hold up her head. 

At Mustard Seed Communities, the international nonprofit that cares for children with disabilities, we promise a child that they will not be abandoned twice. In other words, we make a covenant to care for them their whole life long. But Serena had already been abandoned twice: first by her mother at a hospital and then by an adoptive family who couldn’t manage her medical needs. 

So when Serena was enfolded into the Mustard Seed family we made sure she knew she was at her forever home — that here, she was safe to grow healthy.

Four years later, Serena’s transformation has been nothing short of miraculous. With a special high-protein diet and dedicated therapy, she has gained weight, improved her head control, and now loves to smile and softly listen when people talk to her.

Ann-Marie Parker, administrator at Gift of Hope, reflects on Serena’s journey: “In her first days at Mustard Seed, it took her two hours to eat just one ounce of food. Through her first year here, Serena gained two pounds, which is significant for her! She’s on seizure medication now, and we’re proud of the care she’s receiving.”

Ann Marie Parker talks about Serena’s miraculous recovery at Mustard Seed Communities.

The fact that Serena is alive, even more so thriving, is a testament to Mustard Seed Communities’ relentless care. With special physical therapy designed to track muscle and eye movement, she is showing remarkable improvement. As Anne-Marie puts it, “There’s hope for children of all conditions.”