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A farmer at MSC Zimbabwe holds an egg in a chicken coop.

Powering the Good: Sustainability through Farming and Solar Power

June 29, 2023
Our care for our human family and for the earth serve in tandem to bring wellsprings of life to the places that need it most.
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MSC Zimbabwe's nutrition program is a widely attended outreach initiative

Every Child Is “Everyone’s Child” in MSC Zimbabwe’s Nutrition Program

April 25, 2023
Five nutrition programs serve over 1,200 individuals per day and form the backdrop for a found family at MSC.
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Two volunteers smile while serving food to the people of Kingston, Jamaica

Beyond the Apostolates: MSC's Outreach Initiatives in Jamaica

January 21, 2023
MSC’s annual Christmas Treat inspired action across all apostolates to serve thousands around Jamaica in year-round efforts.
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MSC Zimbabwe Staff with a child from Ngozi Mine

“For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat”

November 1, 2021
Learn more about the great work happening at MSC Zimbabwe.
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