Sponsorship Program

Sponsorship at Mustard Seed Communities allows donors to make a recurring monthly or annual donation to support the care of a resident living at Hogar Immanuel in the Dominican Republic. It costs $600 a month to fully sponsor a child (donors can also choose to partially sponsor a child with smaller monthly contributions). Contributions go towards the well-being of the sponsored resident and others in the same home, ensuring the individual won’t be abandoned twice by providing lifelong care and support. By joining forces with other sponsors, donors can make a collective impact, improving the lives of residents in lasting, transformational ways.

Mustard Seed Communities cares for each resident for the full extent of their life. You may continue supporting that resident indefinitely. To cancel your sponsorship at any time, please visit the Gift Service Center.


If you have any questions about sponsoring a resident at Mustard Seed Communities or need further assistance, please reach out to us.

Residents receive lifelong loving care, including medicine, nutritious meals, therapy, diapers, and 24-hour nursing support.

Our dedicated facilities are equipped to meet residents’ needs.

Physical therapy services are provided.

Special education is available.

Residents receive heartfelt cards and letters from sponsors.

They become part of a worldwide community of extended family members.

Residents have the opportunity to reach their full potential developmentally, physically, and spiritually.

Upon sponsorship, you’ll receive a welcome kit containing a photo and information about the resident you’re sponsoring.

You’ll have the opportunity to write letters directly to the sponsored resident.

Our dedicated team is available to answer any questions you may have via email or phone.

Stay informed with email newsletters providing updates on the individuals MSC cares for.

Enjoy twice-yearly email updates about the child you’re sponsoring.

Receive an annual statement for tax purposes.

Access a donor portal to modify gift amounts, update payment methods, and make changes to your sponsorship.

The knowledge that contribution acts as the nurturing soil for a seed of hope— ensuring that a child, once overlooked and forgotten, can now blossom and thrive under the warmth of your support.