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Keemo Birthwright grew up with Dare to Care and now works for MSC.

Residents Living with HIV Learn Skills to Grow and Thrive in Dare to Care

June 29, 2023
Dare to Care prolongs the lives of children with HIV while also enriching those lives with love and the skills they need to thrive.
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Two members of Bob's Builders stand atop the roof of a cottage, adding material.

Cementing a Legacy: Builders' 2023 Season Comes to a Successful Close

April 19, 2023
Over $415,000 raised; 122 volunteers; 16 residents with new cottages; one MSC family.
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Nadia Williams and baby Sakeem

Recognizing the Wonders of Mary's Child

March 31, 2023
Join us in celebrating all the women and girls who are blessings in our community, like the resilient girls of Mary's Child apostolate.
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Keni Hyatt: Mural Artist Transforming the Streets of Kingston, Jamaica

March 28, 2023
Keni makes a positive impact on members of the community and learns invaluable lessons about confidence and focus... Keni is "a legend!"
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Laura, a resident in a wheelchair at Jacob's Ladder, is greeted by mission volunteer Tim Buckley

Witnessing a Transformative Vision Through the Eyes of a MSC Volunteer

March 25, 2023
Mr. Tim Buckley gifts our community with the insight he gathered on over sixteen mission trips to Jacob's Ladder.
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Administrators and MSC leaders gather for the retreat in Jamaica

A Time for Reflection: Mission Leaders Prepare for 2023 Volunteers

February 21, 2023
Our Jamaica Mission team gathered for a two day retreat to prepare for and reflect on the 2023 Mission Season.
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Graduates of the class of 2021 and 2022 at their ceremony

Empowerment through Education for Hundreds of Caregivers at MSC

January 24, 2023
MSC’s partnership with the University of Technology in Kingston offers a program for caregivers to uplift themselves to a new level of skill
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Two volunteers smile while serving food to the people of Kingston, Jamaica

Beyond the Apostolates: MSC's Outreach Initiatives in Jamaica

January 21, 2023
MSC’s annual Christmas Treat inspired action across all apostolates to serve thousands around Jamaica in year-round efforts.
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Sign for Jacob's Ladder

Jacob’s Ladder Celebrates 15 Years!

October 28, 2022
On October 19, 2022, MSC celebrated the 15th anniversary of Jacob’s Ladder opening its doors to residents in Moneague, Jamaica.
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Mission Leader Group with our wonderful Missions staff enjoying the views of Jamaica

Mission Leader Trip Highlights

August 24, 2022
Kate Foley and Roxanne McDevitt traveled to Jamaica as a part of the Mission Leader trip. Hear more about what they learned.
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