Gratitude and Hope in Times of Darkness


Gratitude is a sign of our humility towards God and one another. It also reminds us that we do not depend on anything other than God’s mercy and love. 

Hope keeps us going every day of our lives because we always hope for a better tomorrow. It is through gratitude and hope that we are able to receive God’s graces because we pray with hope and show gratitude when our prayers are fulfilled.

One of MSC’s themes is “Thank you Lord.” Amidst what is happening around the world, we still have to be grateful for so many things that God is doing for us on a daily basis. People are suffering and dying, and children are abandoned every day. Yet still we ought to say “Thank you, God, for watching over us; through our trials you have made us victorious.”

Christ’s resurrection gives us hope for a better life after we leave this world. Hope is also connected to our faith because we are hoping for something we have not yet seen and faith is believing in something we have not yet seen. In order to see the light at the end of the tunnel one has to walk through the dark tunnel, which is where we are today. We are currently walking through the dark tunnel full of suffering, hatred, and jealousy, but we hope to see the light at the end which is Love.

When we show gratitude to others, we demonstrate how much we cherish and acknowledge whatever they have done for us no matter how small those acts may be. They feel appreciated for the help they have offered and wouldn’t hesitate to do it again when they can.

Mustard Seed Communities is grateful to the people that have been offering prayers, giving their time, resources, and the hope for a better world. This is what has kept us going for 45 years now. Let us show gratitude to each other, hope for a better future, and ask the Holy Spirit to guide us as we go through the darkness that has covered the world.

Fr. Ernest Chikwata, MGS, is originally from Zimbabwe and is the second priest to be ordained in the Mustard Seed Missionaries, a Society of Apostolic Life which guides and promotes the spirituality at the heart of MSC’s mission. His leadership is often sought from Brothers and staff members at Jacob’s Ladder. He looks forward to working with people to better the lives of the residents and to always put a smile on their faces.