Exciting Update from Santiago, Dominican Republic

We are thrilled to share an exciting update on Mustard Seed Communities’ latest endeavor in Santiago, Dominican Republic: the construction of our new home, Hogar Niños de Dios. Set to be completed in Summer 2024, this project is a hopeful promise of security and love for children with disabilities who have been abandoned.

Making Steady Progress:
Hogar Niños de Dios construction is on schedule for completion this summer! Your involvement ensures its success and secures a brighter future for children with disabilities.

Construction teams have been at work since April 2023 and plan to complete their first phase of work by June 2024.

This progress is due to the hard work and dedication of MSC Staff, the construction workers on the ground in Santiago, and the generosity of MSC supporters. Our work towards greater impact would not be possible without their expertise and perseverance!

What We Will Achieve:
In the Dominican Republic, the lack of access to early intervention programs often leads to extreme presentations of disabilities, resulting in premature mortality. Many children are abandoned because their parents cannot provide the necessary care for survival.

48 residents currently call Hogar Immanuel, MSC’s first apostolate in DR, their home. 

At Mustard Seed Communities, we believe every child is a gift deserving of a life filled with joy, hope, and dignity. Since 2001, Mustard Seed Communities has made an impact in the Dominican Republic at our home Hogar Immanuel. This home is a place of hope and vitality, where we currently provide lifelong care to 48 residents. However, Hogar Immanuel is at capacity.

Hogar Niños de Dios’ completion will more than double our ability to care for children who have been abandoned; it will extend a home to 56 more children in need.

Our Impact:
Hogar Niños de Dios will empower the residents and local community in various ways, providing:

  • Accessible Healthcare: A new health clinic will offer critical services, including preventative medicine and prenatal care, benefiting both our residents and the wider community.
  • Employment and Training: Our project will create employment and training opportunities, fostering local economic development.
  • Sustainable Agriculture: Cultivating one acre of farmland will provide fresh produce for Mustard Seed Communities’ homes and the local community, promoting physical health.

With the committed support of our MSC Family, our team will ensure that every child at Hogar Niños de Dios can call MSC home throughout their entire lifetime. Together, we are creating a space for growth, thriving, and leading lives filled with joy, hope, and dignity.