A Year in Review

As we reflect on the milestones and triumphs of the past year, we are delighted to share with you the incredible journey Mustard Seed Communities has embarked on in making a positive impact in the lives of the most vulnerable across Jamaica, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Zimbabwe, and Malawi. 

This look back at 2023 serves as a testament to the dedication and collaborative compassion of our team, supporters, and volunteers who have played a pivotal role in bringing about meaningful change with MSC over the past 45 years. From transformative initiatives in Africa to community-driven projects in Jamaica, join us in celebrating the successes that have shaped a brighter future for countless members of the MSC Family…

1. Breaking ground on new homes in Dominican Republic and Malawi

In a profound step towards realizing the vision of compassionate and nurturing care for children and adults with disabilities who have been abandoned, construction for two new MSC homes is underway in the Dominican Republic and Malawi. 

The new homes will provide sanctuary and encourage joy for 56 children with disabilities in the Dominican Republic and 21 children in Malawi. 

This initiative represents MSC’s heartfelt commitment to fostering inclusive and lifelong homes where every person, regardless of their abilities, can thrive and flourish. As the construction progresses, we are inspired by the transformative power of community support and are looking forward to witnessing the tangible impact it has on the lives of these remarkable individuals.

Together, we are building more than structures; we are constructing the foundation for brighter, more love-filled tomorrows.

2. Feeding families in Zimbabwe and Malawi every day

MSC has adapted and grown in response to the needs of local communities in Zimbabwe to ensure that essential elements such as food, shelter, and education are accessible to those who otherwise have little access to resources. Fueled by the compassionate teachings of Jesus Christ, MSC sustains initiatives to support hungry children in their families at five nutrition programs. Each site provides daily meals and water to children, some of whom walk miles to access the community.

Children rely on MSC for food and water as well as a family of care.  The nutrition program has been described as a “network of care… where every child is everyone’s child.”

MSC Zimbabwe’s nutrition program stands as a lifeline: staff and volunteers cater to the daily nutritional needs of 1,200 individuals, underscoring the organization’s unwavering commitment to addressing critical challenges and making a meaningful impact. Without food scarcity stifling their growth, the children fed in MSC’s nutrition programs are empowered to thrive. With full bellies and a spirit of hope, they are free to attend school and contribute back to their community.

Powered each day mainly by volunteers, the nutrition program ensures access to food for every child who arrives at the site.

3. Continuing care for the most vulnerable 

MSC offers loving homes and essential medical care to more than 600 individuals facing unique challenges, including children and adults with disabilities, those affected by HIV, and teenage mothers in crisis. In many cases where individuals with disabilities have nowhere to turn for care, MSC opens a door into a space that is loving and safe, for life.

Notably, this year, we were able to construct homes in Jamaica for adults with disabilities that are unlike others at Jacob’s Ladder: these cottages offer semi-independent living in a supportive and safe environment. Lincoln, one resident who now lives semi-independently at Jacob’s Ladder, eagerly moved into his new cottage this year with immense joy.

Lincoln, a 49 year old resident with cerebral palsy, enjoys his new space with Executive Director of MSC International, Fr. Garvin Augustine. 

2023 also brought our community a new cottage at Sophie’s Place and renovations of many Jacob’s Ladder facilities, completed by building-focused mission teams. 

Unwavering compassion serves as the cornerstone of the residents’ security and well-being, creating a foundation of care that empowers them to navigate life’s complexities with resilience and hope. 

Individuals with disabilities are cared for as family, from infancy to adulthood.

As one family, MSC is filled with gratitude for the many blessings this past year has presented. From loving homes to those who have been abandoned, daily meals for hungry children, and empowerment for hundreds of people society has pushed to the margins, the love of our community is felt everywhere.

Support from the MSC community has not only transformed lives but has become a beacon of light; you illustrate the profound impact that collective compassion can have on creating a brighter and dignified future for those in need.