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"When Msgr. Gregory founded the mission program, his aim was clear. Given that the children are abandoned and have a variety of disabilities, feeling loved is especially critical to their well-being. Since he couldn't bring the children to the world, he decided to bring the love of the world to the children." -Fr. Tony Gomez, St. Linus Church, Norwalk, CA



If you are interested in leading a mission trip in 2022, please contact the office to learn more and to discuss our new policies in light of the Coronavirus pandemic. You can reach the office by calling 508-544-4681 or emailing missiontrips@mustardseed.com.

Dominican Republic

Mustard Seed Communities’ home in Dominican Republic, Hogar Immanuel, is home to over thirty children and young adults with disabilities. 

Airport: Puerto Plata (POP)
Location of Home: Cangrejo (Five-minute drive from Puerto Plata Airport) 
Maximum Group Size: 16 (with no more than 12 of either gender) 
Accommodations: Hogar Immanuel has on-site mission housing. New residential care cottages were constructed in 2014 and the existing building was converted into mission team accommodations. There is a dorm for each gender and a single room is available for clergy.

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Moneague, Jamaica

Mission Trip Location: Moneague, JamaicaJacob's Ladder is Mustard Seed Communities' home in Moneague, Jamaica. Located on 150 acres of land, it is home to 90 adults with disabilities. In Jamaica, there are no facilities available for this population after the age of 18. The vision for Jacob's Ladder is to fill this void by providing a home where 400 adults with disabilities can live in peace and dignity.

Airport: Montego Bay (MBJ)
Location of Home: Moneague
Maximum Group Size: 20
Accommodations: On site at Jacob's Ladder, the mission house is divided into two dorms. There are 12 beds in the male dorm and 12 beds in the female dorm with two separate rooms available for clergy.

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Montego Bay, Jamaica

Mission Trip Location: Montego Bay, JamaicaMustard Seed Communities' home in Montego Bay, Blessed Assurance, is home to over 30 children with disabilities. On a mission trip to Montego Bay, volunteers stay at Blessed Assurance during their entire trip. This provides an opportunity to establish close relationships with the residents.

Airport: Montego Bay (MBJ)
Location of Home: Windsor Lodge (just outside of Montego Bay)
Maximum Group Size: 20
Accommodations: Mission housing is on site with separate wings and bathrooms for each gender. There are 12 beds in the male dorm, 12 in the female dorm and a single room for clergy.

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Kingston, Jamaica

 Kingston, JamaicaKingston, Jamaica is the starting place of Mustard Seed Communities. There are several homes and communities that make up the mission experience when coming to Kingston. Mission volunteers who visit Kingston will have an opportunity to visit MSC headquarters at Mahoe Drive.

Airport: Kingston (KIN)
Location of Home(s): Several MSC homes in and around Kingston
Maximum Group Size: 20
Accommodations: Sophie's Place in Gordon Town (just outside of Kingston) has a mission dormitory on site. The dorm has a wing and bathroom(s) for each gender with 12 beds in the male room & 12 in the female room. A single room is available for clergy.

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Mandeville, Jamaica

Mission Trip Location: Mandeville, JamaicaGift of Hope is Mustard Seed Communities’ newest apostolate and the 13th home that MSC operates in Jamaica. Located in Mandeville, Gift of Hope is presently home to 20 residents with disabilities. The ultimate vision is that Gift of Hope will serve as a home for younger residents between 2 and 12 years old. 

Airport: Kingston (KIN)
Location of Home(s): Spur Tree, Mandeville
Maximum Group Size: 12 (with no more than 8 of either gender)
Accommodations: Mission housing is on site with separate wings and bathrooms for each gender and a single room for clergy.

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We are currently not accepting any reservations for our mission location in Nicaragua due to civil unrest there. Please contact the office at 508-544-4681 or missiontrips@mustardseed.com to be placed on a waiting list for information on when this location will be available again.

Mustard Seed Communities' homes in Nicaragua are called Hogar Belen Managua (HBM) and Hogar Belen Diriamba (HBD). HBM houses the younger residents and those who require more intensive care. HBD residents are older and many are more physically independent. 

Airport: Managua (MGA)
Location of Home(s): Managua & Diriamba (about an hour outside of Managua) 
Maximum Group Size: 27
Accommodations: Mission housing is located at Hogar Belen Diriamba with separate wings and bathrooms for each gender. There are 12 beds in the male dorm, 14 in the female dorm and a separate room for clergy.

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