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Mission Trip FAQs

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If you are interested in leading a mission trip, please contact us to learn more . You can reach the office by calling 508-544-4681, emailing us at missiontrips@mustardseed.com, or by submitting our online form.

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Mission Trip Requirements

Who can participate in Mustard Seed Communities’ mission trips?

Mission trips are available to anyone who is at least 15 years old and willing to step outside of their comfort zone. Our trips are open to people of all faith denominations. Mission groups can be from colleges, high schools, parishes, medical groups and more . No prior experience is needed. Many MSC mission volunteers have never tried anything like this before.

What vaccination/shots do I need to travel to a Mustard Seed Communities location?

Please refer to the CDC for the most recent information regarding recommended and required vaccinations and consult your physician.

Mustard Seed is no longer requiring mission volunteers to be vaccinated against COVID-19. 

Can I go on the trip if I have any physical limitations or health conditions?

Mustard Seed Communities is welcome to people of all abilities. We do want to know prior to the trip about any physical limitations, so we can do our best to ensure the schedule and project are appropriate for the team. If you have a serious healthcare condition, we encourage you to check with your primary care physician before you travel with us. You can also reach out to our office at missiontrips@mustardseed.com to speak with us before making the decision to come on a mission trip.

Do I need a passport to go on a mission trip?

Yes, you need a passport to travel to our Mustard Seed locations. Please make sure your passport doesn’t expire for six months after your scheduled trip. You do not need a visa to travel to our mission locations if you are a U.S. citizen. For other nationalities, please check with the consulate to make sure you have the necessary travel documents.

What is the financial commitment to participate in a mission trip and what does it include?

We require all mission volunteers to fundraise a minimum of $950.00 per person excluding airfare.  The money raised covers all meals, accommodation and transportation during your time with Mustard Seed Communities and supports our program costs and care for the residents. MSC will help support you and your team in your fundraising efforts by providing ideas and materials to help you reach your goal.

How do I book a mission trip?

A deposit of $500 is required to reserve the mission trip date for your group. The deposit is applied to your group’s total fundraising commitment. If you are interested in leading a mission trip, please contact us to learn more and to discuss our new policies in light of the Coronavirus pandemic. You can contact us by calling 508-544-4681 or emailing missiontrips@mustardseed.com.

Mission Trip Expectations

What is life like on a mission trip with MSC?

Mission trips with Mustard Seed are one week long, beginning on a Saturday and ending the following Saturday. Every day brings an opportunity to rise early and spend time with the residents whether it is to assist them or to simply be in their presence. Throughout your trip, you will build community within your team and with the residents and staff of Mustard Seed Communities. Each day is filled with time to reflect, share, and pray. You will also get the opportunity to experience the culture and enjoy a “day out” in the local community.

Read more about what A Day in the Life of a MSC Mission Volunteer looks like.

What projects will my group work on?

First and foremost, all groups will have scheduled time to interact and play with the residents. Interaction with the residents is the most important role for the mission teams. Each group will also have a work project that may include light construction, painting, farming, or landscaping. The Mission Program Manager will be able to give you an idea of the project(s) your group will be doing as your trip approaches.

Where will I stay during my mission trip with MSC?

All volunteers stay on a Mustard Seed property while on their mission trip. Each home has a separate mission house building with at least two large dorms, a kitchen and common space. Each home also has accommodations for priests and religious. Learn more about the capacity at each location here.

What will I eat on the trip?

Mustard Seed provides three meals per day for mission volunteers. Teams will prepare breakfast for themselves with groceries supplied and MSC staff will prepare lunch and dinner. We want mission volunteers to get a full experience and therefore, the food provided will be typical Jamaican or Dominican meals. The staff will be informed of allergies and dietary restrictions and do their best to make accommodations. Mission volunteers are welcome to pack snacks or carry food if they have concerns. You can also contact us at missiontrips@mustardseed.com.

Will there be any out of pocket expenses during my trip?

You may want to have some money to cover small additional expenses such as souvenirs, your day out and other miscellaneous items you decide to purchase traveling or during your stay with us. We caution mission volunteers from bringing large amounts of cash. All your basic needs and meals will be covered.

How will we get around while on the mission trip?

Each mission group is accompanied by an experienced driver and Mustard Seed Communities mission representatives when traveling outside of Mustard Seed's property. They will pick you up and drop you off at the airport and be with you throughout the trip.

What safety measures are in place to protect mission volunteers?

The safety and security of mission volunteers is Mustard Seed Communities' top priority. The mission representatives, who are full-time employees of Mustard Seed Communities, supervise all volunteer activities and stay with the mission group throughout the day and evening. The mission representatives are native to the MSC country in which they work, and they are very familiar with the culture and customs. All homes are secured, gated, and have security 24 hours a day. Mustard Seed Communities has been operating safe and fulfilling mission trips overseas for almost thirty years.

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Contact our Mission Program staff by email or phone at: missiontrips@mustardseed.com or (508) 544-4681.

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