“Visit” MSC Africa with the Dressmans

Earlier this summer, Jim and Barbara Dressman traveled to Zimbabwe, where Mustard Seed Communities shelters children with disabilities who have been abandoned, educates children in need, and feeds over 1,200 people every day through nutrition programs.

The Dressmans generously are matching donors for this year’s Giving Day; their pledge will ensure thousands of children and their families living on garbage dumps, like Ngozi Mine, eat nutritious meals. This year, every gift for Giving Day will be matched dollar-for-dollar, doubling your impact on the children who eat because of MSC. 

The trip to Mustard Seed’s locations throughout Malawi and Zimbabwe was transformational for the Dressmans. “We’d never seen such extreme poverty,” Jim said. “But we saw MSC helping the world’s most vulnerable: feeding children on landfills; teaching children how to sing and pray; and putting perpetual smiles on the faces of children with severe disabilities.”

Jim and Barbara feel a particular connection to children living with disabilities. “We really feel drawn to helping these children. We had a child with disabilities who died at an early age. His name was Jacob (like Jacob’s Ladder, ironically). We can only imagine how our Jacob’s life would have been so different if he had been born elsewhere. So, at Mustard Seed, we see our Jacob inspiring us to help his friends.”

Since his first mission trip to Jacob’s Ladder in 2008, Jim has been inspired to make an impact with MSC. “We saw the happy faces of the residents and saw all the work needing to be done to build a wonderful home for them, and many others, for the rest of their lives. We remembered, ‘they will not be abandoned twice.’ We saw the face of Christ in each resident.”

Over the years, the Dressmans have invited countless others to join them in serving the most vulnerable with Mustard Seed. Going on mission trips, visiting the children living in MSC apostolates, and donating to impact the lives of people around the world are just a few ways they urge others to get involved.

We invite you along to witness the joys and struggles of everyday life at MSC Zimbabwe with the Dressmans…

Jim and Barbara Dressman visit Victoria Falls, a stunning natural landmark in Zimbabwe.
Barbara extends gratitude to a resident of MSC Zimbabwe for giving her and Jim a warm welcome to their home.
Ngozi Mine, a garbage dump near Bulawayo, is one site of MSC’s nutrition program. Many families call Ngozi Mine their home; 340 children living here receive a hot meal from MSC every day.
Many of the people who prepare and serve the nutrition program’s meals are volunteers from the local community.
Some children walk for miles each day to reach the nearest nutrition program site.
Barbara connects joyfully with children at Magobho.
Many community members, like these volunteers at Magobho, find joyful friendships at nutrition program sites.
In addition to Zimbabwe, the Dressmans visited Malawi on their trip to MSC Africa. 
Jim and Barbara discuss Woodville’s plans for a new home for children with disabilities.
The community gathers for Thank You Thursday Mass, where gratitude and care for one another abounds.