They Just Need a Little Love: 13 Years of Giving Care at MSC

She figured this nursing role would support her and her family temporarily, and soon Mustard Seed Communities would be just a distant memory.

More than a decade later, Mrs. Campbell sits in the shade at Jerusalem wearing her blue printed scrubs. While she feeds a resident, she reflects on her years of work as a nurse at Mustard Seed Communities.

Because, as it turns out, Mrs. Campbell experienced abounding love at Jerusalem on that first day of work and she never left.

Jerusalem, an MSC apostolate located in Spanish Town, Jamaica, is home to over 100 children and adults with disabilities as well as children affected by HIV.

Mrs. Campbell is sure to point out that the work is not easy — as a caregiver who is responsible for the care and safety of dozens of adults and children with disabilities, her days can be busy and long. In the span of one day, she might clean living spaces, spoon-feed residents their meals, bring a resident to activities and appointments, sing at circle time, or learn a new nursing technique. Still, she is motivated and proud to serve the Jerusalem family.

Jovin is a fourteen-year-old resident of Jerusalem and student at Little Angels Learning Center.

The story of one resident in particular lights up Mrs. Campbell’s face.

“The change I see in the residents is inspiring,” Mrs. Campbell shares. “They just need a little love… it’s right here,” she says, gesturing towards the surrounding village of Jerusalem and to her own heart.

The impact Mrs. Campbell has made on Jerusalem over her 13 years of work as a nurse is priceless. Through both work of the mind and expression of the heart, she makes a difference in the lives of residents every time she comes to work. 

Mrs. Campbell and all of MSC’s caregivers are the hardworking hands and feet of Mustard Seed Communities; our mission of “caring for the most vulnerable” is made possible because of their everyday dedication.