Finding Purpose and Joy in Caregiving at Gift of Hope

Mrs. Tameka Wright-Colquehoun is a caregiver in the breezy hills of Mandeville, Jamaica where Gift of Hope is nestled.

For the last seven years, Tameka has used her nursing expertise at Mustard Seed Communities (MSC), embodying a strong dedication to the organization’s mission to provide top-rate physical, spiritual, and emotional care. 

Among the bustling routines of work and play at Gift of Hope, her favorite moments arise during worship and circle time. During these times of community and song, she feels a soulful camaraderie with other caregivers and the children with disabilities whom they serve each day. For Tameka, her work transcends occupation; it is a journey of personal and spiritual growth, enriching her with a profound sense of compassion.

A great source of inspiration for Tameka comes from the joy of Gift of Hope’s residents. Among the children, Akeem’s journey is one that deeply touched her heart.

Akeem’s journey from a boys’ home to MSC, driven by the need to live closer to a hospital due to his Autism spectrum and seizure disorders, stands for resilience and hope amidst adversity. Tameka finds solace in Akeem’s infectious smile – to her, his smile is a silent yet powerful sign of his resilience. His steadfast presence reminds her of the divine purpose behind her work, reaffirming her belief that “God places us here for a purpose.”

Akeem is a seventeen-year-old resident at Gift of Hope who is a friend to many.

“God places us here for a purpose.”


Witnessing the residents’ progress, like the growth in Akeem she has seen, is a source of immense pride and joy for Tameka. “I am growing with them,” she says, thinking of the mutual journey of connection and personal development they undertake together. Through her tireless efforts, which include physical therapy sessions and assisting with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), Tameka empowers the residents to embrace their independence and autonomy fully. She firmly believes that these activities are crucial for their physical wellbeing and for nurturing their sense of self worth and dignity.

Tameka feeds a resident, Katerina, her mid-day meal.

In Tameka’s eyes, the holistic approach to care provided at MSC is a reflection of the organization’s core values of compassion and care for the world’s most vulnerable. As she continues her journey of service, she remains committed to “growing with” the residents, one day at a time. Her story is enlivened by the transformative power of love, generosity, and unwavering dedication in the realm of caregiving, inspiring others to make a difference in the lives of those in need.