Advocating for Hope at All Levels: Shamoy Royal-McLean’s Ability to Reach the Higher Heights

Shamoy Royal-McLean, the Caring Resource Assistant Manager at Mustard Seed Communities, tells a story of pride and compassion with her smile.

As she thinks of the residents, the reason she is in love with her work, Shamoy cannot help but give a shining grin. 

A 2020 graduate from the University of Technology, Jamaica with a degree in Child and Adolescent Development, Shamoy brings professional excellence and a deep personal commitment to the vulnerable children and communities she serves.

Drawn to MSC by the unparalleled care given to individuals with disabilities with nowhere else to go, Shamoy felt a soul-tugging calling to put her talents to use. “God brought me here to serve His children,” she says. 

Shamoy Royal-McLean has worked as MSC’s Caring Resource Assistant Manager since 2023.

Shamoy’s work in the Caring Resource Department ensures that caregiving protocols from Jamaica’s Child Protection and Family Services Agency (CPFSA) are expertly followed and continually improved in every apostolate. Once a year, each apostolate in Jamaica is audited by Shamoy and the Caring Resource team. They identify any gaps and areas of improvement, such as in infrastructure and documentation, and subsequently provide a plan to implement updated programs and procedures that maintain the highest standards of care. 

Beyond conducting yearly audits, Shamoy designs complex training programs for caregivers. These classes teach best practices in feeding, wheelchair use, and care documentation. Shamoy aims to expand caregivers’ abilities, guiding them to become agents of change by striving to lift the stigma associated with disabilities and fostering a culture of positivity. 

Shamoy enjoys a moment sharing a smile with Dwight, a resident of Jerusalem Village.

A key aspect – and her favorite part – of Shamoy’s work is direct interaction with the residents. By understanding each resident’s story and background, she helps them adapt and grow to their fullest potential. Shamoy looks at the whole person with a lens of love, finding a seedling of hope to mold minds towards success.

“It’s amazing the difference [a trusting relationship]  makes,” Shamoy says. “I bridge a gap for the resident, and it makes them realize that someone is listening! They realize, ‘I am more than what others tell me I am,’ and it is tremendous.”

Shamoy even adapts classes  for MSC residents, tailoring lessons to individuals’ cognitive and developmental levels – personalized care is her strong suit. Most recently, Shamoy designed classes on budgeting and conflict resolution for teenage residents. She facilitates academic sessions for children like Thea, a Dare to Care resident who experienced difficulties transitioning into school outside of MSC.1 Shamoy implemented regular in-person homework sessions with Thea and witnessed that relationship bolster her to new levels, socially and academically.

By nature, Shamoy faces difficult stories and challenges that others might deem impossible, but she tackles them with unwavering resolve.

“It gets emotional, but I am a burden bearer for these children. I will take it on,” Shamoy humbly shares. “It is my job to see every individual’s complexity, how they can grow, and to be an advocate for them. Set your eyes on the higher heights!”  

Shamoy’s own eyes fill with gratitude as she sums it all up: “I want to be as impactful as I can. [MSC] is a foundation for elevation.” Under Shamoy’s guidance and ceaseless advocacy for hope and compassion, MSC transcends being just any charity; it represents a community of love, care, and professional excellence. “God tells me that this is my season to do the best I can do,” she reflects. “And, it helps that the smiles of the residents just melt my heart.” 

Shamoy (left) sings a comforting song that connects her to the residents at Jerusalem Children’s Village.
  1. Names of residents have been changed for their privacy. ↩︎