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A farmer at MSC Zimbabwe holds an egg in a chicken coop.

Powering the Good: Sustainability through Farming and Solar Power

June 29, 2023
Our care for our human family and for the earth serve in tandem to bring wellsprings of life to the places that need it most.
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Administrators and MSC leaders gather for the retreat in Jamaica

A Time for Reflection: Mission Leaders Prepare for 2023 Volunteers

February 21, 2023
Our Jamaica Mission team gathered for a two day retreat to prepare for and reflect on the 2023 Mission Season.
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Graduates of the class of 2021 and 2022 at their ceremony

Empowerment through Education for Hundreds of Caregivers at MSC

January 24, 2023
MSC’s partnership with the University of Technology in Kingston offers a program for caregivers to uplift themselves to a new level of skill
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Achieving Dreams through Training at Potter’s House in Zimbabwe

August 15, 2019
MSC's Potter’s House program in Zimbabwe teaches young people a variety of life skills including baking, sewing, and entrepreneurship.
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Shanice from Jerusalem in the Training Centre

Twenty-Five MSC Residents Receive Call Center Training

July 15, 2019
25 MSC residents in Jamaica are participating in a six-week training program to be certified and are eligible for employment.
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