Christine Watson: A Mustard Seed Champion

One staff member who has enlivened MSC for over 18 years is Christine Watson, administrator at Sophie’s Place in Gordon Town, Jamaica.

Christine’s journey with MSC began in 2004 when she interned at Sophie’s Place, a loving home for children with disabilities who have been abandoned. Through her experience there, Christine realized that working with individuals with disabilities is more than a job: it is motivation and inspiration for life.

Christine Watson holds Sophie’s Place resident, Crystal.

The story of one resident in particular inspires Christine. During her first weeks at Sophie’s Place, Christine worked with Mary every day. “She was always praying, singing, and worshiping God,” Christine recalls. Witnessing that sense of hope and faith at Sophie’s Place helped Christine realize that though people with disabilities may appear different, they contain the same love with which God makes all of his children.

Since her first internship, Christine has held numerous roles at MSC. After belonging to the Sophie’s Place family for two years, Christine felt called to assist the team at Hogar Belen in Nicaragua. Even as she adjusted to the different culture and faced the language barrier, Christine led the Christ in the Garbage Ministry (CIGM) at Managua’s main city landfill, which was home to over 1,500 people. 

At the time, CIGM was delivering food packages and praying with the landfill’s residents, many of whom were single mothers and their children. Over time, CIGM has expanded into a new location and evolved into a women’s Resource Center which offers classes in English, baking, and mathematics while providing childcare and nutrition. It’s just one program that has evolved because of the dedication and compassion of our staff members like Christine.

Christine served at Nicaragua’s CIGM until 2008. After returning to Jamaica, she became an Office Assistant and soon earned the position of Administrator at Sophie’s Place, a role she continues to fulfill by overseeing day-to-day operations of the apostolate and managing caregivers so that MSC can provide the best possible experience for residents. Today, Christine still finds inspiration in the faces of residents, who remind her of her friendship with Mary and fill her days with prayer, song, and laughter.  

Thank you, Christine, for being a Mustard Seed champion!