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Donovan has undergone an incredible transformation at Sophie's Place in Jamaica.

If Donovan could tell you his story himself, he would. Because of your support, he has undergone a remarkable transformation at Mustard Seed Communities.

Donovan is one of more than 600 children with disabilities in the care of Mustard Seed Communities worldwide. He was abandoned at a rural hospital in Jamaica when he was five years old. Due to the trauma of his early childhood, Donovan struggles with developmental and behavioral disorders. Upon his arrival at Mustard Seed Communities, he was violent and uncontrollable.

This safe and loving environment has allowed him to grow, and has let his true tenderness and compassion shine through.  Donovan has made so much progress at MSC that he has gotten the opportunity to go to school and is thriving. He is now 15 years old and has moved from Sophie’s Place to Jerusalem where he is with older residents and has more opportunities to continue thriving.  




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