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Jerusalem! Kingston, Jamaica

Meet Claude. He is 48 years old and is a longtime resident of Jerusalem! at Mustard Seed Communities Jamaica. His sweet soul shines through the smile that always remains on his face and he is loved by mission volunteers and caregivers alike. When Claude arrived at MSC, he had essentially no mobility and was restricted to a constant reclined position due to the severity of his spina bifida. Throughout his years at MSC, Claude's physical health and ability to complete daily tasks of living have improved.

A team of dedicated MSC volunteers has been working with Mustard Seed Communities since 2012 and building customized wheelchairs for residents like Claude. Claude has been provided with a number of customized wheelchairs over the years, each one being an improvement on the previous. Each chair has improved his positioning, mobility, and independence. With the amazing efforts and the help of the wheelchair team, these customized wheelchairs have completely transformed the quality of his life.

With his newest wheelchair, Claude is able to move around and has gained new independence. He is now able to comfortably remain in a seated position and can move around as he pleases by using the hand control on the chair that was designed specifically for him. Claude is able to participate in playing games and joining his friends at the table for dinner. Thanks to this wheelchair, Claude's world has become so much bigger. 

At Mustard Seed one of our goals is to constantly monitor and evaluate the needs and abilities of residents so that they are able to progress and achieve the highest levels of health and well-being possible.  Claude’s story and the success of his progress inspire us and are a reminder of what can be accomplished when residents are provided with the tools they need to succeed.

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