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Children with Disabilities

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Mustard Seed Communities has focused on abandoned children with disabilities primarily because these children are among the most vulnerable and defenseless in any society. Since 1978, MSC has provided care and shelter for children living with varying degrees of disabilities.

Children with disabilities are routinely abandoned in the countries where Mustard Seed Communities operates.

The children of MSC have disabilities that include cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, autism, epilepsy, blindness, developmental delays, scoliosis, microcephaly, and progeria. Our objective is to provide these children with a safe and healthy place to live where they receive care and therapy. MSC’s core purpose is to advance the well being of children with disabilities.

Therapy is a key component of caring for children with disabilities.

When they arrive at Mustard Seed, every child and adult receives a comprehensive assessment. Based on their individual needs, MSC staff devises a personal care plan with specific goals for each resident. Residents receive daily therapy, which includes passive range of motion, active assisted range of motion and active range of motion exercises, hydrotherapy, music therapy, equine therapy, stretching, massages, self-feeding, tactile stimulation, positioning, vestibular stimulation, assisted ambulation, cognitive therapy, coordination, and multisensory stimulation.

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