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"God has a crazy awesome way of giving us things we didn't even know we needed"
July, 2019
Jacob's Ladder

This past trip to Jacob's Ladder has been filled with more blessings than I could have ever imagined. This was my third time to Jacob's Ladder, and I really allowed myself to focus on the experience God wanted to give me, rather than expectations from prior trips.

I think an overwhelming theme from the week was peace; God has a crazy awesome way of giving us things we didn't even know we needed. Through the residents, my team, and God's presence at Jacob's Ladder, I felt an overpowering, refreshing sense of peace that God knew I needed. I was blessed to strengthen friendships I made on past trips, create new best friends, and gain the understanding that Mustard Seed has become a huge part of my life.

One beautiful encounter I had was with Tekeisha, a nonverbal resident, and a friend I made last year. I spent a lot of time with her during mass and circle time while on this trip. One time, during mass, as I was praying and reflecting after communion, she placed her hand on my folded hands, and that simple gesture really touched me. I felt so connected to her, especially spiritually, as we were just two friends praying together.

It reminded me that everyone is the same in the eyes of God, there are no deformities to Him, no abilities or disabilities, only pure love. We are all connected by His love, and it's as simple as that. The residents at Jacob's Ladder have become some of my best friends, and I hope to see them soon; as I told them, "it's not goodbye, it's see you later."

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