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Griffin's Joyful Memories

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The joy these kids gave me will last a lifetime.
Jerusalem! - Spanish Town, Jamaica

"During my time at Jeruselam! I was able to meet an amazing soul, Maia. She had the most beautiful smile that could light up any room. Every day that I was there doing health assessments, she greeted all of us with a warm hug and gigantic smile. She introduced me to a lot of the kids, telling me everyone's story, including her own. Her perspective on life, and living at Mustard Seed Communities opened my eyes to a different view on life. She is so happy and welcoming, even though some would say she has so little. I am so thankful I was able to shine a light on her, and have her shine a light on me that will last forever. I was only there for a week, but the joy these kids gave me will last a lifetime."

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