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Dear Lord, I saw you today...
Caroline C.
Hogar Immanuel - Dominican Republic

"A Journal Entry from June 1st, 2016:
Dear Lord, I saw you today. I saw you in the early sunrise over the Dominican shoreline, I saw you in the volunteers, so selfless and kind, and most importantly I saw you in the beautiful children i met today's eyes. They hold so much happiness and joy inside their hearts, still while having little to no material things at all. I asked myself how can they be so joyful with no parents and in their sickness and I realized that you provide the highest form of happiness we can know on this earth. Please help me to love like these children and help me to unleash the goodness inside me, and shine for the world to see. Lord you are everything and I will never stop searching for you every day of my life until the glorious day that I get to meet you."

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