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Bob's Reflection on Serving in Jamaica

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I think we receive from the residents more than we give.
Bob M.
Jacob's Ladder - Moneague, Jamaica

I was quietly called to go on my first Mustard Seed Mission trip to Jamaica in 2014 while I was reading our St Gregory the Great Church bulletin ad. The small notice of the trip jumped out at me to call me. I have returned two more times since. I return because I personally feel that our team does make a tiny ripple in the universe in a little community called Jacob's Ladder. I know I will return again as long as I am able to be of service.

One week is not much to give back to God for all of the blessings I have been given by our God but it sure feels good to connect to the disabled of our world in some way, especially in a place where there is little or no goverment system to help. I think we receive from the residents more than we give. It is certainly an eye-opener to see how so many people in our world live with the bare minimum and still can be happy. It made us all more aware of what we do have and appreciate how blessed we have been. To be able to share our mission moments with so many wonderful people from Mustard Seed's staff and the special community at Jacob's Ladder was humbling and a beautiful experience. Our team shared its talents, energies, smiles, and hugs with everyone.

There is so much pain and suffering in the world but I hold on to the thought that what we did certainly matters to the few we served. I think this is what God is calling us all to do. A few small acts of mercy completed by many people adds up to many acts of mercy. Even one person and even for only one week does make a difference. I must say from experience that age does not matter on these trips. It is all about attitude, prayer, and action. So listen in your quiet time for the quiet calling to action and prayers.

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