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Antonio's Inspiring Moment in Jerusalem

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...all of the residents at Mustard Seed are truly God's children.
Antonio C.
Jerusalem- Kingston, Jamaica

"One day, we had morning prayer at the chapel in Jerusalem, an apostolate which is home to residents who have a variety of physical and developmental disabilities. Some who are able to be are very active in the community, many having jobs cleaning, planting, etc. While we were praying someone said “Jesus” and I found myself just staring at the tabernacle. The Real Presence was unusually apparent to me for some reason. One thought that came to my mind during this time was that all of the residents of Mustard Seed are truly God’s children. After the service was over I didn’t want to leave. I kept thinking about Christ’s presence in Mustard Seed and His care for the children until someone came and told me it was time to work. This experience invited me to more actively care and pray for the residents and workers at Mustard Seed for the rest of the trip. It was awesome to witness Christ’s presence there not only at Mass and in the Eucharist, but especially with the people who we were serving."

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