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Father Garvin EucharistMustard Seed Communities is in the process of establishing a Canonical body, Missionarii Grani Sinatis (Mustard Seed Missionaries) - a "Society of Apostolic Life" - to guide and sustain the spirituality of the organization going into the future.

The Formation Center and Program will promote vocations and train future Missionarii Grani Sinatis (MGS) Priests, Deacons, and Sisters to serve MSC throughout the many apostolates and programs across the world. Currently under construction at Jacob’s Ladder in Jamaica, St. Andrew's House of Formation will include accommodations for 12 brothers, conference and training rooms, a library, Chapel, and a rectory. Sisters will reside at My Father’s House in Kingston.

The Formation Program will first focus on training men to become Deacons and Priests through four years of academic formation at St. Michael’s Theological College in Kingston, Jamaica. The seminarians remain immersed in the Mustard Seed culture during their training, enabling them to maintain sight of the charism of MSC.

The long-term vision is to have Priests, Deacons and Sisters who will serve throughout Mustard Seed Communities Apostolates and programs across the world, ministering to the spiritual and pastoral well-being of the children, staff, mission volunteers and beneficiaries of outreach programs.

Update - 8/13/18

Patrick Roche OrdinationPatrick Roche OrdinationPatrick Roche, a MSC mission volunteer for more than fifteen years, was ordained a Permanent Deacon on July 27th.  He joins Joel Ballantyne as Mustard Seed Communities’ second Permanent Deacon.
The construction St. Andrew’s House of Formation has hit another milestone. The rafters are up and the roof will be finished in the coming weeks. The House of Formation will be completed at the beginning of 2019.

Watch this video to see the progress:

Update - 5/25/18

We have reached an exciting turning point. The third priest for Mustard Seed, Transitional Deacon Philip Omondi, will be ordained in September. He is the first priest to join Mustard Seed since Father Garvin’s ordination in 2011. Fr. Philip will oversee the spiritual welfare of the children and staff at MSC throughout Africa.

Brothers Ernest and Bekithemba from MSC Zimbabwe have finished their first year at St. Michael’s Theological Seminary in Kingston. Two more Brothers from MSC Zimbabwe will join them in Jamaica and begin their first year at the Theological Seminary in September. Patrick Roche, a MSC Mission volunteer for more than fifteen years, will be ordained the second Permanent Deacon in July. The first was Joel Ballantyne ordained in 2016. They will serve the Mission Volunteer program while actively promoting Mustard Seed Communities at parishes throughout the United States.

St. Andrew’s House of Formation is being built at Jacob’s Ladder and will be completed by the end of the year. View this video to see the progress of construction.

Constructing Saint Andrew's House of Formation - May 2018 from Mustard Seed Communities on Vimeo.


The spiritual core of Mustard Seed Communities is vital to the development and survival of the organization and could not be sustained and developed without your support. 

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