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Addasyn's Thoughts on Her Jamaica Trip

Allie's Adventure

Allison Reflects on the Residents' Love

OT Student Allison's Mission Moment

Alyssa's Experience

Andrew Savored the Experiences

Antonio's Inspiring Moment in Jerusalem

Arianna's First Mission Trip

Ashleigh's Amazing Week

Ashley Finds Love & Acceptance

Augusta University OT Students Fall In Love

Bailee Enjoys the Radiant Smiles

Bob's Reflection on Serving in Jamaica

Camille's Bond with Jevaughn

Carly's Unforgettable Friendship

Caroline Journals About Her Experience

A World Traveler Finds Her Home

Courtney's Eyes are Opened to a New Beauty

Deb's Day at MSC

A Healing Ministry Experience

MSC Mission Moment- Eileen, DR

Eileen's Life Was Changed

Elana and Grace full of joy

Elana Shares Her Thanks

Mission Moment

Elizabeth's Speaks the Residents' Language

Elizabeth Experiences Christ through the Residents

Mission Volunteer and Resident

Elise Witnesses a Striking Dedication

Emma Still Reflects on Her Trip a Year Later

Erin's Experience

volunteer and resident

Erin is Inspired by a Young, Confident Resident

Francesca's Family Moment in Nicaragua

Gabriela Finds Joy in a Resident's Growth

Gavin's Mission in Jamaica

Griffin's Joyful Memories

Ian's Impactful Mission Trip

Life-Changing Trip

Kade's Moment with Mary

Katelyn's Week of Happiness

Katie's Connection

Kayla's Moment at Mary's Child

Kerryann's Sweet Moment at Jacob's Ladder

Liza Perreault Mission Moment

Liza is Blessed at Blessed Assurance

Lucas and Brailin from DR

Lucas' Bike Ride with Brailin

Malena Appreciates the Small Things

Margaret's Mission Trip in Nicaragua

Mary's New Memories

volunteer & resident in wheelchair

Matt Applauds the MSC Caregivers

Matt's Moment in Dominican Republic

Michael's Unique Reflection

Volunteer and Resident

Mike Learns the Importance of Love

Milagros Feels God's Presence at MSC

Nick's Reflection

Rachael's Realization

Rachel Falls In Love

Rebecca Lends a Helping Hand

Regina's Grateful Experience

Volunteer and resident in wheelchair

Sophie Faces Her Fears

A Rewarding Week for Talia

Tim's Trusting Faith

Wendy Estavien Sacred Heart University Student

Where Your Feet Are

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