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Prepare for Your Mission Trip

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If you are interested in leading a mission trip in 2022, please contact the office to learn more and to discuss our new policies in light of the Coronavirus pandemic. You can reach the office by calling 508-544-4681 or emailing missiontrips@mustardseed.com.


Once you have said “Yes” to God’s invitation to embark on this journey, your mission trip begins. We hope this experience will inspire a lifelong commitment to serve the most vulnerable members of society. Mustard Seed Communities has hosted short-term mission trips since 1993. We have drawn on those years of experience to develop the materials below and help guide you through the process of preparing for your mission trip. 

Resources for your Mission Trip

For information on collecting and traveling with donated items, please visit our Gifts In Kind page.

Need More Information?

Contact our Mission Program staff by email or phone at: missiontrips@mustardseed.com or (508) 544-4681.

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