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Juan Ariel - 1000033-DR-2017

Juan Ariel is very musical and lights up when you play a song for him. He loves it when people talk to him. When you speak to him, he listens closely and his face and body language tell you that he understands. Juan Ariel is 18 years old, and became part of the Mustard Seed Communities family in 2017.


Juan Ariel has benefited from therapeutic massage and likes gentle touches and hugs.


Manuel - 1000032-DR-2015

Manuel is an art lover who lights up when he sees a picture with bright lively colors. He listens closely when you speak to him and often will give you a radiant smile in return.

Manuel has called Mustard Seed Communities Dominican Republic home since 2015. He has intellectual disabilities, limited motor function, and paralysis. One of his favorite daily activities is physical therapy, especially therapeutic massage.

Fausto - 1000031-DR-2015

Fausto loves the peace of the outdoors. He is a foodie who never misses mealtime. Music is calming to him, and he enjoys watching TV. Fausto has lived at Mustard Seed Communities Dominican Republic for 6 years. He has epilepsy, paralysis, and is intellectually disabled.

When you speak to him, he pays close attention. Fausto likes to spend time playing with toys, especially cars which are his favorite.

Luisa Dominga

Luisa’s smile is contagious! When you talk to her, she listens closely and smiles the entire time. She especially likes a conversation with a lot of facial expressions and soft kind words. Luisa has epilepsy and is intellectually disabled.

You can often find Luisa with a small toy in her arms. Two of her favorite activities are watching TV and holding hands while going on walks with her caregivers.

Felix - 1000029-DR-2015

Félix is a joy to be around! She smiles all the time, and likes it when you hug her and talk to her. At her daily physical therapy sessions, she uses the parallel bars and is making progress learning to walk.

Félix has called Mustard Seed Communities Dominican Republic home for the past 4 years. She is intellectually disabled and has limited motor function. If you have a chance to spend time with her, she enjoys listening to music, making her voice be heard, and being on the move!

Caroline - 1000026-DR-2010

Caroline is a sweet and happy child. She enjoys playing with the other residents and loves it when she is the center of attention. She became part of the Mustard Seed Communities family when she was 9 years old. Caroline has cerebral palsy and epilepsy and uses a wheelchair.

If you have a chance to meet Caroline, you will often find her playing with toys. She plays for hours without getting bored! Two of her other favorite activities are watching TV and joining in circle time.

Jerry - 1000025-DR-2017

Jerry has grown so much since joining the Mustard Seed Communities Dominican Republic family in 2017! When he first came to MSC, he struggled with mobility due to cerebral palsy. After daily physical therapy, he now can crawl around by himself.

Jerry enjoys listening to music and loves taking naps. His sponsor will be able to watch Jerry grow and thrive!

Maria Joselyn - 1000024-DR-2005

Maria loves to be the center of attention! If she is not in the middle of things, she will try to get your attention by using her voice. Her words may not be easy to understand but she is heard. She joined the Mustard Seed Communities family in 2005 when she was 2 years old. Maria has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair.

Maria is open and warm and always has a smile on her face. She enjoys hugs and playing with caregivers and volunteers.

Wendy - 1000023-DR-2006

Wendy makes her voice heard by making sounds to communicate with her caregivers. She has been part of the Mustard Seed Communities family for close to 15 years. Wendy has cerebral palsy, severe autism, and physical disabilities. She is not able to speak or walk, but has made strides at MSC thanks to daily physical and occupational therapies.

Wendy is happiest at mealtime when having a nutritious meal or when listening to calming music.

Eduardo - 1000022-DR-2006

Eduardo is a ray of sunshine. He brings light to all around him. When he hears music, he wiggles and moves in his wheelchair to the sound of the beat. Eduardo has Ataxia, cerebral palsy, autism, limited motor function, uses a wheelchair, and has an intellectual disability. He enjoys spending time in the sun and going on strolls through the property with his caregivers.


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