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Light the Way for Joy
Four photos of Joy, a child in a wheelchair, from when she was 2 years old to when she was 9 years old.

Joy's name reflects her personality. Her caregivers say she is a pleasant and happy child who is a light to all who meet her. Joy has microcephaly and cerebral palsy. When her family was unable to care for her, she found a home at Mustard Seed Communities.

When she first came to Mustard Seed Communities, Joy was malnourished and could not even hold up her head.

Today, thanks to supporters like you, Joy has a loving home where she receives physical therapy and medicine. Joy is growing and thriving.

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Mustard Seed is home to over 600 children and adults with disabilities who have been abandoned. We cannot abandon them a second time. We cannot fail them.

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Volunteers and supporters, like you, mean a lot to the residents at Mustard Seed. You're a tremendous source of care, companionship, and connection to the rest of the world. With the current pandemic, one of our residents, Lincoln, wanted to share this message.


Jamoly came to live at Mustard Seed Communities when he was 7 months old. He had been abandoned at the hospital. Jamoly has hydrocephalus and was not expected to walk or even speak. Today, Jamoly is 5 years old, talks in full sentences, and attends school. He is crawling, able to pull himself up to stand, and his caregivers believe that he will eventually walk. Thanks to the care he has received at Mustard Seed, Jamoly is thriving.


The future is bright for Kimoya. At 6 years old, she loves school, reading, and helping her fellow residents. Her teachers think she may be able to join general education classes.


Kimoya was 2 years old when she arrived at Mustard Seed Communities in 2016. Kimoya is hearing impaired and, at first, she was not able to walk far without falling down. With physical therapy and leg splints fitted for her, Kimoya is now walking and running around her home of Gift of Hope in Jamaica. She has had hearing tests and will soon receive a hearing aid. Her caregivers believe she will be able to speak fully. Every day is a new day filled with possibilities for Kimoya.


Moya is a resident at Blessed Assurance, our apostolate near Montego Bay, Jamaica. Although Moya cannot hear or speak, you won't find it hard to know what's on her mind. She has a bright smile and contagious laughter to share with everyone. She finds joy in crafts, especially jewelry-making! Thank you for sharing your smile with us every day, Moya.

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