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Giving Day 2023

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change lives



Thank you! We surpassed our goal by raising $402,204—thank you!

Make a Difference in the Lives of Those Who Need it Most

This year, there are three times as many ways to make an impact on Giving Day. Help us:

  • provide care for children with disabilities who have been abandoned
  • give a hungry child in Africa daily meals
  • build a new home in the Dominican Republic

A group of donors will match every gift to each project dollar for dollar—doubling your impact.

The work we do at Mustard Seed Communities is transformative. Lives are changed when we give children and adults with disabilities shelter, critical medical care, and love. Communities are impacted when we feed hungry children and give them the power of education. Societies are shaped when we model kindness to the forgotten. We have been planting seeds of hope and witnessing the fruit of changed lives for over 40 years. Will you join us in continuing to help the people who need it most in one of these ways?

Give Care

Children and adults with disabilities are often abandoned in developing countries. We give them shelter, food, education, critical medical care, and love. 

Plant the seed of care to children and adults with disabilities. >

Feed a child

In Africa, thousands of children don't have enough to eat — some even scavenging for scraps in the garbage dumps. We provide a hot meal to over 1,200 children a day in Zimbabwe.

Plant a seed of nourishment for a hungry child in Zimbabwe. >

Build a home

Our current home in the Dominican Republic is at capacity and we often turn away children who need shelter. We are constructing a new home for 56 children with disabilities — a home where they will be cherished.

Plant seeds for the future so more children will feel safe in the Dominican Republic. >


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