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Planting Seeds of Care

At Mustard Seed Communities, we ensure children are not abandoned twice: we provide a home, critical medical care, food, education, a sense of belonging, and love to 522 children and adults with disabilities in 18 homes throughout Jamaica, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Zimbabwe, and Malawi. With over 2,000 diapers used and 1,600 meals served a day, the cost to give lifelong care to those whom society has forgotten is great. Join Mustard Seed in caring for children and adults with disabilities who have been abandoned. Plant a seed of hope by giving care to residents like Paige. 


Since she first arrived at Mustard Seed Communities two years ago from a government institution, Paige, who has Down syndrome, has learned just how amazing she is. Because she feels safe and is empowered to be herself, her kind spirit is extraordinary to behold. As a student at Blessed Assurance’s in-house school, Paige is a top performer and reaches milestones in her ability to speak. 

Paige has grown immensely since Mustard Seed has become her home — her health has improved drastically, her communication skills have expanded, she can write her own name, and she has even become an advocate for other children. 


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