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Giving Day

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You Can Still Make a Difference!

We are excited to share that we exceeded our goal for MSC Giving Day with 293 donors donating $104,765 to provide loving homes to abandoned children and adults with disabilities. You can still join in this effort by making a gift today!

Your gift makes a difference in the lives of children and adults with disabilities who have nowhere else to go.


Thank You
The Gift of Gracie
What does love look like at Mustard Seed?
Raheem's Love

Social Ambassador Toolkit

As a social ambassador, you spread the message and mission of Mustard Seed Communities. You can download photos for social posts here.

Post On Social Media and Attend our Facebook Event

Facebook Event

Invite friends to MSC's Giving Day event by hitting the Share button at the top of the page.

Giving Day 2019Sample Social Post

One Day. One Community. One Love. All year long, the MSC community comes together to share our love with children and adults with disabilities. Join us for #MSCGivingDay on September 17th to celebrate the work we've done as a community and raise much-needed funds that sustain our mission throughout the year. Please give today! http://bit.ly/2UaGjHw

Create Your Own Post

Make sure to use this link (http://bit.ly/2UaqLDv) to the donation form and add the hashtag #MSCGivingDay! What do you love most about Mustard Seed Communities and why? What resident or resident(s) have touched your heart and why? Why did you decide to get involved with Mustard Seed? How has the experience of volunteering at Mustard Seed made a difference in your life?

Make a Gift and Post this Badge

Giving Day 2019 - I DonatedLet your friends know that you made a gift and ask them to join you. Here’s some sample language:

My gift went to providing a loving home, therapy, and a potential for a full future to children with disabilities. Join me in making a gift to support Mustard Seed Communities’ 2019 Giving Day. http://bit.ly/2U9T1Gp #MSCGivingDay

Fundraise on Facebook

  1. On Facebook, hit Fundraisers from the sidebar (desktop) or the menu (mobile). Hit Raise Money. 

  2. Giving Day 2019 Facebook BannerWhen it asks you who are you raising money for hit Nonprofit, then search for Mustard Seed Communities. You can use the banner that pops up or upload it here.

  3. Change the title to YOUR NAME’s Fundraiser for Mustard Seed’s Giving Day

  4. Here's sample text for the description:
    I’m raising funds for Mustard Seed Communities to support their Giving Day on September 17th. All year long, the MSC community comes together to share our love with children and adults with disabilities. Join me to raise much-needed funds to sustain Mustard Seed’s mission of caring for children and adults with disabilities throughout the year.

    I got involved with Mustard Seed when… (ADD INFORMATION HERE ABOUT WHY MSC IS IMPORTANT TO YOU).

    Your gift brings loving care to those we serve. Please donate today! A donation of any size will make a big impact

  5. Set your goal amount.

  6. Set the end date for September 17, 2019.

  7. Hit the Create button.

  8. You can share the link to your fundraiser to your feed. Any personal information you can add about why this fundraiser is important to you will help raise funds. Remember to thank donors and post an update on your fundraiser about once a week until the fundraiser ends. Make updates about how close you are to your goal.

Please give and support our mission of caring for the most vulnerable today.

Thank you for being part of our community! For any questions,
email social@mustardseed.com or call 508-242-9622.

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