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Thank you for your interest in raising funds and awareness on behalf of Mustard Seed Communities!

We always like to bring our mission to more audiences and your fundraising efforts will be a huge help. To support you as a fundraiser, we have a few suggestions here on how to go about your project. 

Fundraising on our Website

We have had a number of successful fundraising initiatives right here on our website. MSC can personalize a donation form just for you and your fundraiser. We'll make a user-friendly URL for you to share with your network, and we can provide status updates and convenient ways to personally thank your donors

Empowering you as a fundraiser​:
We want to allow you to retain ownership, reach out to your personal networks, and utilize your own voice, energy, and motivation. It will be a more successful fundraiser the more it is driven by you!

Interested in "donating" your birthday, wedding, or other momentous occasion with a personal fundraiser for MSC? Please contact our office at and we'll get you set up! 


Are you looking to Fundraise for your Mission Trip?

Currently registered mission volunteers have a specific portal built into our website just for mission trip fundraising. Please log in to your participant center to view your page and utilize all of the fundraising tools at your disposal! 

Contact the Mission Program Staff at MSC USA with any questions (

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