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Updates for Jacob's Ladder

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Jacob’s Ladder is the largest Mustard Seed Communities property and we are lucky to have a significant amount of land that we use for agricultural purposes. We have an abundance of livestock including over 40 pigs as well as several greenhouses and crop fields. Over the past decade, we have been working on developing an efficient irrigation system.

A new sprinkler system was just recently installed and will greatly assist in the development of our self-sufficient goals.  Having access to fresh produce provides for the children and adults with disabilities who live at Jacob’s Ladder and also allows for additional income. The new sprinkler system means that we can continue to grow more and more!

Another exciting update at Jacob’s Ladder is that a new hand washing station has just recently been installed! For the health of the residents, the Digicel Foundation graciously donated a fully equipt hand washing station for communal use at Jacob’s Ladder. This installment is another way that we are keeping residents healthy and promoting good personal hygiene practices. 

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