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Thank You for Your Continued Support

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Fr. Garvin Augustine, Executive Director of Mustard Seed Communities International, shares his gratitude from Jacob's Ladder in Jamaica.



Greetings to all our volunteers, our supporters, benefactors and friends. I'm at Jacob's Ladder, standing in front of an empty mission house. At this time, we would have had so many groups here. But as you know, since this pandemic broke out in March, we have suspended the Mission program. And that has really taken its toll on us and on our children. I take this opportunity to thank you for your years of service and of generosity. And we hope and pray that soon we can resume the mission program.

I mean, it's amazing, what we have come to know, with all of the different types of groups, the building groups, therapy groups, young teenagers, etc., all the various individuals who have come here, not just with the resources and skills and talents, but the interaction, the encounter with our children. I mean that in itself, there is no value I can put to that. And the impact that you will have on the lives of our children, our residents, is really being missed at this time. I want to ask you to continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers, continue to do what you can to support us. I mean, we have to find creative ways to remain connected.

And hopefully soon within the next few months, I don't know when, we can resume this program because the value of the love that you share, the care the concern, the support for these kids, is priceless. I hope and pray that you are well and that you are weathering this difficult period. We are trying. You know there are so many things that we have to cope with in terms of the financial impact and other things.

But more importantly, I think right now I just see the void that has been created in the lives of our residents. On behalf of all of them here at Jacob's Ladder and across our apostolates. I just want to say a sincere thank you to all of you, our benefactors, our supporters and our volunteers. May God bless you.

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